mercoledì 2 maggio 2007

IASPlus Home Page - News about International Financial Reporting

Recently Deloitte has published the sixth edition of Deloitte's popular guide to IFRSs: IFRSs In Your Pocket 2007. This 100-page guide includes information about IASB structure and contact details, use of IFRSs around the world, summaries of each IASB Standard (through IFRS 8 and the amendment to IAS 23) and Interpretation (through IFRIC 12), background and tentative decisions on all current IASB projects, IASC and IASB chronology, and an update on IFRS-US GAAP convergence.
The booklet can be downloaded on IAS Plus.

For more info: IASPlus Home Page - News about International Financial Reporting

lunedì 30 aprile 2007

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The Project - A new accounting dictionary

This evening a new Project has begun, with the aim of creating a new practical, useful, available, easy to use accounting dictionary encompassing the overall accounting and financial terms and definitions.
It will be created mainly with the purpose of being useful to myself, but of course anyone that would find it interesting, practical and useful, can freely use it.

I think to devolope it at least bilingual, English/Italian.

You may wonder whay a new dictionary among the great deal existing both in hard copy volumes, both in soft copies e-books and online.

The reasons why are different......

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